Naomi Neijssen a.k.a. Mrs Fineart.

Naomi, founder of Mrs Fineart & SEEFD, creates one of a kind concepts, designs & (wearable) Art. Mrs Fineart is the name of one of her personas and of her creative studio, based in Almere Poort.

Mrs Fineart = Graphic design with a big love for architecture, illustration, fashion & screen print.

Naomi Neijssen = Mrs Fineart

How is that relevant for you?

Well Mrs Fineart creates unique Art, Graphic Design, Statement Pieces & Visual Stories. They visualise the underlying and inner stories of her subject or client. And she connects them to everyday life. Beautiful layered visual stories or graphic design made to accompany and empower the stories that need to be told, heard and seen. Stories of intuition, a deep longing for change, sometimes even pain turned into beauty and life lessons.

So if you are searching for someone to help you to visualise your (personal) story. That sees your underlying dreams and wishes to create a powerful movement. That can help you visualize what drives you, inspires you, and gets you out of bed in the morning. The visuals that will keep you “safe” so you can be wild and really understand your (personal) story better. So you know what you came here to do and what you need to put out into the world to create that powerfull movement.

Look no further.

Or when you already know this through and through, she can help you to create an unforgettable moment in the mind of your audience. Mrs Fineart creates beautiful brand identity’s, Art pieces and images. She is here for the modern activists. The activists that share there stories to heal the world.

Mrs Fineart - GROW festival
I worked on this project as artdirector. GROW festival whas a project of the Floriade Expo 2022. They created this festival to connect millennials to sustainability.

Tell me more about how that works!

How does a project come to life? What does it take to create it? A new project always starts with a process of observation and experimenting. Mrs Fineart first observes her client or subject. For long durations (or shorter ones, depending on the project or approach that is needed). Noticing the unfolding stories around her. Using all of her senses, seeing the patterns. Then she connects them and if needed rearranges them. This literally translates itself into visuals that are best described as ‘collage style pieces’.

This way of working applies to her personal work as well as the projects she take on as a graphic designer. Therfore Mrs Fineart always prefers to meet with someone (via a video call or in person) before taking on a new project.

Yes, let’s create a powerful story to tell

Want to see more of her work or create a visual story? You can contact her at mrsfineart@gmail.com Or follow her via IG @mrsfineart and FB @mrsfineart

Naomi Neijssen

Take a dip in her why

When she was a little girl Naomi wanted to be a forest ranger. And she always wondered why it seemed that she saw more details and beauty in nature than most people around her.

In order for her to understand the world she had to learn to filter all the information that overwhelmed her senses. Challenged to prioritise these incentives because they felt so intense and equally important. To cope with the intricate situations and emotions that accompanied all those incentives, she used colors and created images for her own kind of communication and prioritization.

This laid the foundation for her current creation process as an Artist & being an earth warrior.

At any given moment, no matter where you are, there are hundreds of things around us that are interesting. But it’s the little things that others might pass by in the blink of an eye that catches her attention. These little things keep her inspired. She recognizes its value, its quality, and then transforms it into something that she can use.

Naomi has always been interested in the relationship of the individual vs the collective. Or rather how one individual or an element stands out from a crowd or collective. Without losing its connection with that collective. She creates a stage for a specific person or element in her work. She wants to show how beautiful and special it is. It’s similar to highlighting a sentence in a bigger story.