"I've always wanted to work with Naomi. And my meditation challenge was the perfect opportunity to do that. For this challenge, Naomi used my photo's as a starting point to design a beautiful series of illustrations with inspiring quotes.

These illustrations were one of the giveaways during my challenge. So that my students now also have an inspiring visual reminder to continue meditating after finishing my challenge.

I find Naomi's style and illustrations so beautiful and refreshing. I am super happy with the result. "
Dolly Heuveling
♥ Crazy one on a mission I Meditatie I De Nieuwe Coachopleiding I Schrijver I Spreker ♥

Chanel Trapman

"I simply love the work of Naomi. We have worked with her on several occasions and she always pleasantly positively surprised me with her work.

She understands what we want and our projects sometimes much better than we do. The way she visualises our ideas adds a lot to the project."
Linda Vermaat
Director of Innofest + Owner creative studio TwentieFour + Int docu series Fix the World & Make Money + Host impact events + Startup scout.
"We have a great costum designed sneaker art piece hanging on our wall thanks to Naomi! Such a creative, original and professional artwork.

She has listened carefully to our wishes, but certainly managed to surprise us! We are so happy with it. Via this way, thanks again Naomi!"
Eline Jagt
Sales Executive bij B&S BV
"Your work is lit🔥!"
Museum of Modern Hype, New York


“The Salt 70 is a list of people who create wealth, even without a bulging bank account, big house or posh cars. Their credit card is filled with time! Time for adventure, creativity, freedom, meaning and beautiful adventures. A list of the rebels, creatives, professionals, world improvers and green gold diggers.

Long story short: Naomi also belongs in this list. ”

“Don’t just throw your clothes away, but give them a second life. 

That is the motto of Naomi Neyssen from Almere. She started her own clothing brand to inspire people to look differently at the clothes they own or want to throw away. 

The question you should ask yourself is how can you use those clothes to tell your story better? Naomi does that by turning worn clothes into gear for the modern activist. So that you can wear and propagate what you stand for. In addition, Naomi uses clothing with a past not only as a canvas for statement, but also for her art.

She gives an inspiring example of how sustainability and fashion go hand in hand!