Brand Design Studio

You’re not here to play games. You are here to change the game and heal the world.

Are you ready for it?

You have a big vision and want to show how AWESOME your purposeful business is. You don’t just want to help more people. You want to take your impact to a larger scale and truly change lives.

Before, it was only about sharing your story, being visible and being present. Today it’s all about telling a story that your customers want to tell as well.

Let me help you to bring it all out and turn your brand identity into a magnet to attract your dream clients with ease.

It is time. It is time you step up and speak your truth. So you can unlock your full potential and transform your purpose into a bigger message that can inspire others and change the world.

Hi I'm Naomi,

A brand designer, game changer, mom of a beautiful headstrong boy and committed to help you to grow your impactful business and inspire the world with your unique gift.

What others say

"I simply love the work of Naomi. We have worked with her on several occasions and she always pleasantly positively surprised me with her work. She understands what we want and our projects sometimes much better than we do. The way she visualises our ideas adds a lot to the project."
Linda Vermaat
Director of Innofest + Owner creative studio TwentieFour + Int docu series Fix the World & Make Money + Host impact events
"We have a great costum designed sneaker art piece hanging on our wall thanks to Naomi! Such a creative, original and professional artwork. She has listened carefully to our wishes, but certainly managed to surprise us! We are so happy with it. Via this way, thanks again Naomi!"
Eline Jagt
Sales Executive bij B&S BV