Naomi, founder of Mrs Fineart & SEEFD, creates one of a kind concepts, designs & (wearable) Art. Mrs Fineart is the name of one of her personas and of her creative studio, based in Almere Poort. 

Mrs Fineart = Graphic design with a big love for architecture, illustration, fashion & screen print.

Naomi Neijssen = Mrs Fineart


Well I, Mrs Fineart create unique Art, Graphic Design, Statement Pieces & Visual Stories. They visualise the underlying and inner stories of my subject or client. And I connect them to everyday life. Beautiful layered Art or Graphic Design made to accompany and empower the stories that need to be told, heard and seen. Stories of intuition, a deep longing for change, sometimes even pain turned into beauty and life lessons. 

So if you are searching for someone who can help you visualise your (personal) story. Someone that sees your underlying dreams and wishes to create a powerful movement. That can help you get clear on what drives you, inspires you, and gets you out of bed in the morning. So you can really understand and communicate your story better. And know what you came here to do and what you need to put out into the world to create that powerfull movement. Look no further. 

Or when you already know this through and through, I can help you to create an unforgettable moment in the mind of your audience. 

I’m here for the modern activists. The activists that share their stories to heal the world.

Naomi Neijssen


When I was a little girl I wanted to be a forest ranger. And I always wondered why it seemed that I notice more details and beauty in nature than most people around me. 

In order for me to really understand the world I had to learn how to filter all the information that overwhelmed my senses. Challenged to prioritise these incentives because they felt so intense and equally important. To cope with the intricate situations and emotions that accompanied all those incentives, I used colors and created images for my own kind of communication and prioritization. 

This laid the foundation for my current creation process as an artist & being an earth warrior

I also started my own label and a special collaboration with the first Upcycle Centrum in the Netherlands. My label is called SEEFD. With SEEFD I use Fashion, Art and Graphic Design as tools to create a better world. Because we CAN be the change, and it starts within your own wardrobe.

I am convinced that the solutions for the most important problems in the world lies within. The patterns that you can discover within yourself are reflected back at you. So you see them in others and in the world around you, sometimes magnified.

That is why remaining curious is so important to me. Because when you look at yourself with a critical eye and invest in your self-development you can heal yourself. And with self healing you will inevitably heal others and the world on some level. 

In my self-development, I am particularly interested in the relationship and the role of the individual versus the collective. Or rather how an individual or element can distinguish itself from it. To provide a new perspective for themselves and the collective. WITHOUT losing the connection with that collective.

That is why I think I like to create a stage for a specific person or element in my work. The image highlights a subject (the individual) and makes the viewer curious. And triggers them to hear or read the accompanying story. That story ensures that my message does not lose the connection with the whole (the collective). But I will give it a different place in the whole. At least that’s my goal.

These different works / perspectives combined will also create a new world. I first pick something apart to piece it back up, in a different order. So that that perspective or new world could arise. 

I need to create these worlds for two reasons. One is that I need to escape my current reality from time to time. And two is that I need a better understanding of the world, like it is and how most people think it should be. Then I will experiment and try something new so I can show how it also can be viewed or done.

I do not only use my work for self-development. But also use it to protect myself from time to time. To have a world or place where I can catch my breath before I continue with the process of awareness.

And I certainly hope that I will create this effect for you with my work. I want to provide you with a new perspective on the world or I will give you a place to dream away and relax before you continue on your journey.

Love Mrs Fineart