Naomi Neijssen = Mrs Fineart

Hi, i'm Naomi.

A brand designer, game changer, mom of a beautiful headstrong boy and committed to help you to grow your impactful business and inspire the world with your unique gift.

Naomi Neijssen = Mrs Fineart

Driven by my motto 'everything I visualize will manifest' I transform my life and change the game in a positive way. And I help others do the same.

Mrs Fineart is the name of my artist persona and of my creative studio, based in Almere.

I am a multi talented designer. I have designed things from an award winning Tiny House to my own sustainable clothing brand.

I'm on a mission to help entrepreneurs tell their story with ease through a powerful brand identity. So they can manifest their thriving business of purpose without apology or regret. Taking their impact to a larger scale and truly change lives.

My greatest skill is turning important and system changing stories into a beautiful visual message. A brand identity.

Naomi Neijssen = Mrs Fineart


• When I was young I really wanted to be a forest ranger.

• I'm a bit of a shape shifter. Since I was 12 I've had a different hairstyle approximately every 1 to 2 years. Like an orange mohawk, white hair, a G.I. Jane cut or long purple hair. Thats why I probably look different now than in my photos... Or not, it's always a surprise.

About Naomi Neijssen

• When I was 20, I traveled through Mongolia for a month. Till this day still the most life-altering journey I've taken so far.

• I studied at Grafisch Lyceum and HKU (art school) Utrecht.

• When I was 23 I moved to Almere. I moved for love. But I never thought I would end up falling in love with the city instead.

• At my 25th I hit rock bottom and was unemployed for months. After what felt like a 1000 sensible job applications I made a bold move and applied for a Marketing position at an awesome company. That changed everything for me. The company was so impressed with the design of my application that they hired me as their designer instead. This was the ultimate sign I wasn't meant to think and keep myself small.

• Just a few months before I got pregnant I decided to start my entrepreneurial journey. Challenging? Yes! Best choice ever? Absolutely! I gave birth to my little miracle when I was 28.

• I'm a single mom.

• I love being in nature. Its one of the main reasons behind my Tiny House design. I really enjoy living in the city. But I also need a home in the middle of nature to balance things out. My Yin and Yang.

• When I'm manifesting something in my life I act like it's already there. So that's why I wrote about my second house like it's already here. Although when manifesting new things in my life there's a little bit more to it, of course. Interested? I'm always up for a (digital) coffee.

• It took some personal growth 🙂 but now I love to invest in my personal growth. Money = energie & freedom.